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A UNIQUE and ancient art
that follows the
VANGUARD of our time.
Tiles Collection
In Portugal, the taste for the Tiles was assimilated by the Muslins, having been introduced in the country since the middle of 15th century. In the 16th century, Portugal started its proper production, suffering some influences from the Italian and Flamenga tiles, and later in the 17th century, by the Dutch tiles. This singular form of decoration was used with insistence in the covering of Churches, Palaces, Monasteries, Fountains and in Master Houses.
Since always, the tile followed the new aesthetic ones, passing for the reasons of New Art, to the coverings Art Deco, until its full integration in modern architectural programs. At Sant’Anna the pattern tiles from the 17th, 18th 19th and 20th century continues to be produced totally by hand guaranteeing the quality that is characteristic of the Portuguese tiles.
As our production is completely handmade, our products have little differences between them in what concerns size and colors. That’s the main characteristic of the Portuguese old tiles that makes our products unique art works.

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